Secured Online Payment Solution

A secured payment solution for users to complete their daily transactions that make it simple and fast, without having to reach for their physical wallets.


Accomplish further with RXPAY

Designed to simplify consumer’s life in all sorts of ways using smart technology.

Virtual wallet that stores payment card information

A customer can utilize all of their stored information simply by opening an app on their phone, entering in a PIN, password or fingerprint and then selecting the information they need to access. Mobile wallets store your credit or debit card securely.


Bridging consumers & providers in entertainment segment

In entertainment segment, people are vigorously using the technology. Mobile transactions always give you the next level of competition. Consumers are getting more relied on smart devices. Leading the race of smart devices, smart phones have made impeccable space for booking tickets at any time.

Exposure to a large customer base and build a consumer relationship

RX coins are sponsored coins offered to consumers by local merchants as forms of incentives. These incentives are alternative to traditional forms of promotions such as discounts and coupons. This allows consumers to gain back partial value of their purchase in silver pop coins.


Boom in E-commerce industry has led increase in online financial transactions

Payment Gateway connects the buyer and seller for any online payment transaction. It helps in using the value stored on the wallet to be paid in exchange for any goods or services purchased online. It is a secure channel/medium to complete the transaction.


Digital wallets help to save time for online financial transaction and are more secure.

settings and ultra fully responsive template.


Instant, hassle-free setup

Bank account is linked to RXPAY and makes hassle-free, secure payments directly from your bank account 24/7.


Ticket Booking

Events in the City on your hand. Discover and book your tickets easily.


Send & request money

Load, send and request money with just about anyone online or through your mobile device securely.


Reward Points

Earn cashback when you pay with RXPAY


Load & Withdraw cash

Consumers can send money directly to bank account and withdraw cash whenever required.


Refer & Earn

Existing customers can invite (via unique link containing a referral code) their friends to join RXPAY.


Local Shopping

From buying coffee, movie tickets, dining at restaurants, shopping and much more


Instant notification

RXPAY customers will get instant notification if any feeds been posted by the merchant or RXPAY admin

How RXPAY helps your Business?

Increased customer use of mobile wallet technology has benefits for all sizes of business.

Become a RXPAY Agent

Do business, transactions with RXPAY customer and access reports.


Signup with RXPAY

Signup with RXPAY, Signup an account and manage your profile details.

Get money from RXPAY

Get money from RXPAY and start your business.

Get profit through RXPAY

Profit your business by selling to customers

Become a RXPAY Merchant

Receive payment, Transfer pop coins and view all type of reports.


Create your account

Create an account and manage your business details.

Receive Payment & Reward Coins to Customers

Receive payment and reward coins for exposure to a large customer base.

Provide feeds

Create feeds by providing feed description and an image for customers.